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Pop Up Concept Flagship Store

Project Type Commercial
Gemmayze, Beirut, Lebanon
In Association With Bernard Mallat Architects
Concept / design

A pop-up appears or occurs suddenly.

Scaffolds are by nature transformable, allowing them to adapt to different conditions, or in this specific case, to the whims of the client who transforms the space allowing people to explore and experience the shop in new and diverse ways. They organise space simultaneously enclosing and framing displays while directing flow. 

To the existing shell a scaffold has been added, then voided in order to accomodate the needs of different functions around, below and upon it, resulting in a flexible, multipurpose and social space. All furniture in the shop take their form from local cultural artifacts expressing themselves as objects populating the space.

Lighting Design Consultant
AARTILL - Majdi Hajjar
Architecture Team
Bernard Mallat, Walid Zeidan, Desiree El Khoury, Mireille Lteif