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Legrand Concept Store

Project Type Commercial
Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
In Association With Bernard Mallat Architects
Concept / design

The nature of the space is derived from an analytical reflection around the nuanced aspect of the product that combines luxury and accessibility. The street / shop space frontier fades, giving way to continuity, urban and public accessibility, and making the space transparent and fluid. This accessibility is structured by an installation that defines moments of product / visitor perception. This urban-facility / product interaction generates an experimental space that creates movement, discovery and interactivity.

The installation is at the service of the product and the product is none other than the installation.

1st Concept Store dedicated to wiring devices and home automation systems in Lebanon Legrand offers you a unique urban store. 

Lighting Design Consultant
AARTILL - Majdi Hajjar
Architecture Team

Walid Zeidan, Bernard Mallat, Michele Braidy,       Elias Samya