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Villa Beit Mery

Project Type Residential
Beit Mery, Lebanon
In Association With Bernard Mallat Architects
Concept / design

The villa is located in Beit Mery, Lebanon on a pine-covered hill. It is a simple cube embedded into a hill with randomized square apertures framing views. The building is carried by a centralized bundle of steel columns and a reinforced concrete perimeter wall. Being imbedded in the site, light would not be able to reach the back side of the building A courtyard is designed to illuminate the area. The courtyard glazing will reflect light  deep into the villa.



Civil Engineer
Civil Minds - Anwar Antoun
Mechanical Consultant
Rabih Khairallah
Electrical Consultant
Naji Geha
Lighting Design Consultant
Noura Hakim
Architecture Team

Bernard Mallat, Walid Zeidan,                              Tamer-Georges Musharbesh, Mahmoud Charif, Hammoud Badran